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Wailing Heights, a body-hopping, musical adventure game is available on Steam and the Humble Store!


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About Outsider Games

Outsider Studios is a game development studio, established in 2011, and ran by Stephen Downey, a well known comic and game artist, and Scott Grandison, an ex-academic computer scientist from the University of East Anglia with over 20 years development experience in games, industry and academia. Stephen and Scott use their expertise to develop unique and fun games across multiple platforms.

Outsider Studios develops original properties, and has undertaken commissions from high-profile clients and have an established track record of exceeding the expectations of the original brief within tight timescales.  Work to date has included projects for the BBC and Lionsgate films.


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General emails: contact@outsidergames.com. Check out our current production blog for our musical adventure game Wailing Heights